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Torrey Pines 10U Team

We're actively recruiting to build up kids and families interested in Pop Warner. 

A history of winning

We are leveraging the historical success of winning the 10u Championship in 2021 as well as the deep football history of Torrey Pines High School Football.

We have a return coaching staff from 2021 as well as former NFL and D1 collegiate athletes as coaches.  We also have returning players from championship team in 2021.

Our values


Safety and safety education is our number one priority. To learn more plase see the Pop Warner Safety Information.


We don’t win as individuals, only as a team. We build each other and don’t criticize our team mates. 

Never Give Up

It’s ok to fail.  Pop back up and move to the next play. 



We will go up against players that are bigger, faster and stronger but we will always be physically and mentally tougher.

How to Register
How to Register

The Torrey Pines 10u coaches are building a list to keep you updated about all things pop warner at Torrey Pines. Please register to stay connected!

The kids will currently be in the 4th grade (going to 5th in Fall 2022) or exceptional stand out athletes in the 3rd grade (going into 4th in Fall 2022). Specifically you can not be older than 10 years old on or before 7/31/2022. 

Our 6 Pillar Program


The 10u team won the San Diego Regional Championship in 2021 as a first year team.


We work with the Torrey Pines Varsity coach and team to encourage mentorship.

Practice Space

The 10u team has secured a practice space at Church of Nativity in Rancho Santa for our exclusive use.  

Existing System

We have a developed offensive and defensive playbooks from the previous year.


We teach leadership skills through large team collaboration.  Unlike most teams the kids will learn to work as a team with up to a 25 team members and a large coaching staff.

Game Stadium

We have one of the best stadiums and fields in San Diego for our kids on game day.

Football Mini Camp

Starting in March 2023, we will conduct football mini camps to bring a wealth of football knowledge from mentors and educators to our kids. We will leverage returning coaches from the 10u and 12u Torrey Pines 2021 Championship 10u football team as well as bring in guests that are former NFL players, Division 1 players, Torrey Pines High School varsity football players, and even Torrey Pines High school coaches.

  • The Nativity School Football Field

  • 6309 El Apajo, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

  • Pull to the back Parking Lot of the School, there is a parking lot right by the field

Mini Camp
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