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Message from TPPW President - Sharon Kitzmiller

Hi Falcons Family,


As the famous Dani Rojas from Ted Lasso says “FUTBALL IS LIFE!”  Although he was referring to a different kind of football, I believe that football is like life.  My son had just turned 10 and it felt like a switch had flipped and all he could talk about was tackle football.  He hounded me day and night about playing tackle and every time I said “NO”.  I was adamant that my son was not going to play tackle football.  I had read about concussions, player safety, and tackling and I was worried.  Well, I don’t know if we can say I was lucky but due to the Pandemic we didn’t have a 2020 season.  As restrictions around sports started lifting and the summer of 2021 approached, I knew that the topic of Pop Warner would once again flood my household.  We did our due diligence and we registered him for the TPPW 10U team in the 2021 Season.  On August 2, 2021, my son put on a helmet, pads, and learned to play tackle football.


IT WAS AMAZING!  I am not just saying that because we won the Regional Championships as a first-time football team.  I am saying that because Football taught my son so many life skills, he learnt commitment, team spirit, loyalty, hard work.  He learnt sacrifice, perseverance, grace and to respect authority.  The whole team grew together that season and blossomed, we won games and we also lost games but the whole team learnt from those losses, the things that went wrong and they came back stronger each time.  


If you are on the fence at all about joining Pop Warner, please feel free to reach out to any Member of our Board, I am sure that we all feel the same way about Football.  We can’t wait to see you in the stands and your boys out on the field!  

Your TPPW Board 


Vision Statement  

Torrey Pines Pop Warner wants to guide the youth participants in our program to develop a love of football and cheer.  To become confident, disciplined, and responsible well-rounded athletes and scholar contributors in the classroom, on the field and in the community.

Mission Statement 

Torrey Pines Pop Warner wants to provide a high-quality youth football and cheer program with an emphasis on developing the athletes’ capabilities while promoting teamwork, safety, fun and participation for all. We want our participants to advocate good sportsmanship, respect, and to honor the game and discipline. Through the development of teamwork, self-discipline, leadership, and academic achievement, we will provide and promote a positive team culture that builds self-esteem and instils the importance of both athletics and scholastics.

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